Coaching Supervision

Giving you time and space to reflect on your practice and get the challenge, clarity and confidence you need to be at your best in supporting your clients to achieve their goals.

COaching Supervision

When you’re coaching it’s easy to find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious about whether you’re doing a good enough job, worried about how to approach a challenging client or facing a tricky dilemma around boundaries, ethics or confidentiality.

When that happens and you are self-employed, or you’re coaching in an organisation where everyone knows everyone else and you need to maintain confidentiality, who do you turn to for support?

How do you work through your “stuff” or unpick the dilemma to decide what course of action to take for the best?

And if things are going wrong (or not going right enough) how do you turn things around,  rebuild your coaching confidence and feel like you’re back on track again?

One solution is having a coaching supervisor as part of your team.

What is Supervision?

You may already have your Supervision stripes, know what to expect, how useful supervision can be and know what you’re looking for. 

But, if you haven’t experienced supervision before, the best way I can describe it is that it’s a bit like personalised, rocket-fuelled CPD that helps you solve specific coaching challenges and helps you grow as a coach in a wider way.

The aim of supervision is to help you gain insight, support and, where needed, direction, that will enhance your practice and your wellbeing, benefitting you, your clients and their organisations.

Supervision is largely about helping you reflect deeply on your coaching assignments, dilemmas and relationships, so you find new insights that help you develop your skills, determine approaches to use and overcome barriers that are affecting your coaching outcomes.

Supervision also offers you a safe place to lick your wounds and come back fighting when that’s what you need (which we hope won’t be often but we’re all human, right?),  as well as somewhere to celebrate your successes without worrying you’ll look like an arrogant t**t.

How I Work

I offer supervision to qualified coaches at all levels of experience, and working in any speciality, who want to ensure they are coaching ethically and to the best of their ability – the only requirement is that you want to develop your professional coaching skill and confidence, in the name of helping your clients get the best possible results.  I offer you:

  • a collaborative, solution-focussed approach to developing your coaching practice and solving your coaching dilemmas
  • a safe, friendly space where you can reflect on and explore issues relating to your coaching practice with open-ness and curiosity, without judgement
  • an honest and well-considered blend of support, challenge, encouragement and inspiration to help you feel refreshed as a coach – supporting you to coach authentically, confidently and expertly
  • a natural strength and passion for sensing, recognising, unpicking and resolving ethical dilemmas

And did you know that Coaching Supervision also counts towards the 40 hours of continuing coach education (CCE) required to renew your ICF credential?

Coaching Supervision Opportunities

I offer coaching supervision to individuals, to pairs and in groups


For: in-depth and completely confidential reflection & support

  • 90 minute sessions
  • £195 per session
  • £170 per session when committing to block of six sessions
  • By Zoom or in person in Leicestershire


For: Two coaches who know each other and want to benefit from shared experiences and learning

  • 2 hour sessions
  • £250 per session – cost shared between two
  • £200 per session when committing to block of six sessions
  • By Zoom or in person in Leicestershire


For: Coaches who enjoy learning with and from others, and who want to access supervision at a lower cost

  • 2.5 hour sessions
  • £75 per session
  • Fixed group of 3-6 supervisees
  • Meets by Zoom once every six weeks
  • Contract for four sessions (six months) at a time

Want to develop your coaching and your coaching business?

Supervision is not usually the place to bring issues relating to your business development – that’s the job of coaching or mentoring.  

But when you’re new to coaching and building your business, deciding whether to focus your energies (and precious money) on developing your coaching skills or on your marketing prowess and business confidence can see you going round in circles.

So for newer coaches (and some more experienced ones!) I also offer a combined coaching supervision plus business coaching package, offering you both supervision on your coaching, and coaching/mentoring to help you build your coaching business.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch so we can talk through your requirements and ensure we contract a package of sessions that will meet your coaching and business needs and your budget.

And Finally

A little bit more information about my professional supervision qualifications and standards for your reassurance


I’m a qualified coaching supervisor, with a diploma in supervision awarded by the International Centre for Coaching Supervision: the only supervision qualification currently accredited by all three of the ICF, EMCC and AC. I’m also an ICF PCC accredited coach.

Ethical Practice:

I work within the EMCC’s code of practice for coaching supervisors, and with the ICF code of ethics – if you prefer to use the ethical code of a different coaching body when considering ethical issues, that’s no problem – we’ll contract that when we start work together. I have regular supervision of my own, both on my coaching practice and my supervision practice.


I’m a well-experienced coach having delivered more than two  thousand hours of coaching over the last five years across executive coaching, life coaching, career coaching and business coaching contracts. There’s more about my coaching experience elsewhere on this website. I’m also personally experienced as a successful senior leader, bringing the first-hand perspectives on your client work and their organisation’s systems and complexities that offers.


I hold full professional indemnity insurance as a coach and supervisor.

Enough from me! Here's what my clients say:


Helping you find new perspectives that result in making positive changes.


I coach remotely or can come and work with you in person.

Highly personalised

Working with individuals across all sectors to overcome unique challenges.


Delivered more than two thousand hours of coaching over the last 5 years.